“And who will listen to you in regard to this matter? For as is the share of him who goes down into the battle, so shall his share be who stays by the provisions and supplies; they shall share alike.”
1 Samuel 30:24 AMP

Who is a Kingdom Christian Church Partner?

Individuals, families, businesses, and churches that regularly pray and sow financial seeds into the good ground of Kingdom Christian Church to help spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Partnership Has Its Benefits

The greatest benefit of partnership is the consistent prayer for all KCC partners from Pastor Rogers and the Kingdom Christian Church family. We are believing with you to see your next victory in the natural, knowing that it has already occurred in the spirit realm!

As a partner, you will receive a number of gifts throughout the year, as well as updates regarding the ministry’s latest events. These gifts are intended to connect you to the KCC community, and we hope that you enjoy them.

Kingdom Christian Church Is Good Ground

Here at Kingdom Christian Church, we are making significant Kingdom impact by touching thousands of people each week with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many have come to the saving grace of our Lord  through the preached Word and through the empowering ministries of our church, which address the individual needs of the whole person.  Your consistent financial partnership helps us to further spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to include building acquisitions that accommodate our growth and create opportunities for greater discipleship.  As a partner of Kingdom Christian Church, you are not just supporting a ministry, you are supporting the Gospel.

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